Getting the groom on your good side: Tips for brides with single-sided hearing loss

I recently wrote a blogs post for Hearing Like Me, titled “5 ways to Accommodate Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Guests at your Wedding,” and it got me thinking about my own wedding. The accessibility issue at our wedding wasn’t about one of the guests – it was about the bride!

In 2006, for me as a bride-to-be, my biggest concern was, “How will I be able to hear both the registrar and the groom during the ceremony?” Back then, I had reasonably good hearing in one ear and poor hearing in the other: positioning was everything. I didn’t want the celebrant to get to the part where they ask if anyone knows of any lawful impediment and me mistake the pause for the lull in conversation where I’ve missed being asked a question – and then say something like, “What did you say?” or “I do” at the wrong time. As a bride-to-be who had hearing loss, I had a lot on my mind. Continue reading